Listing and Selling Your Home

Listing & Selling Tips by Rob Huth

Professional Realtor is a Must!

Rob Huth Professional RealtorListing & Selling your home can be one of the biggest decisions you make in your life – some people only do this once in a lifetime. Others however, sell and move up to a bigger home and do this many times until they decide the home is to big later in life and go for a smaller home.  The biggest thing you need to realize when selling your home is the importance of a Professional Real Estate Agent that has been in the business for at least five years full time, the first thing you should ask your realtor is if he does Real estate full time. This is important, you are going to be counting on the Realtor for many different reasons.

Fresh Paint can be Magical

Rob Huth Listing & Selling a HomeThe Realtor will go into your home and tell you how to prepare your home for sale, from getting rid of clutter that you may not think is clutter to making minor repairs to enhance you home for the sale of your home. Fresh paint and clean floors is a must, if you do not want to paint the whole home, at least paint the main entry areas and doors.  Painting should be neutral colors, beige or light tan on the walls is always the best.  No loud colors, most buyers will change the colors of the rooms to there liking no matter what color you paint. So minimum is best.

Let’s Talk Flooring

Rob Huth Realtor - flooringNew flooring is vital if you have rooms that have not had new carpet in 10 years or more, tile can be cleaned, do not over do the tile, most buyers will change out the tile no matter again what you do. carpet cost is a lot less and easier to install than tile and will make the room smell clean and new. An experienced realtor can go through an give you many pointers, again I say “an experienced realtor is a must!” 

It’s All About Negotiation

An experience realtor can help you negotiate the best deal once offers start rolling in.  The team behind an experienced realtor can be priceless. The title team that the realtor uses is usually someone the realtor has dealt with for many years.  The processes to get to closing are tedious and legally important to the transaction, the title company can handle this process.

360 Degree View

Rob Huth Realtor SOLD HOME Getting your home ready to sell physically, from the front yard, back yard to the kitchen and the smallest closet is so important.  There is so much information out there, just remember one thing, listen to your realtor if they have at least 5 years experience and do real estate full time they really know what they are talking about.  Let me help you, I live Real Estate full-time for the past 12 years and really know how to get your property ready to sell!!!


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